How can I make money on Discord?

How can I make money on Discord?

If generating income sounds appealing to you, but you don't know where to start, we're here to help. In this guide, we'll outline some tried-and-tested strategies for not only making money, but also paving the way to a thriving Discord presence.

How to Make Money on Discord: Proven Strategies

Discord has evolved from a gamer's paradise to a versatile social powerhouse, boasting around 196 million monthly active users. But it's not just a place to hang out—it's a goldmine for those who know how to make money on Discord. With annual revenues surpassing $445 million, the potential to monetize your passions and projects is enormous.

The secret to success lies in leveraging your community and considering all available options for making money. Whether you're an artist, educator, gamer, or entrepreneur, Discord offers a direct channel to a globally engaged audience.

15 Effective Strategies to Make Money on Discord

From paid server subscriptions to content moderation to selling your own unique products and services, here are the best ways to monetize your presence on Discord right now:

1. Become a Partner

Getting into affiliate marketing on Discord is a risk-free way to generate income. First, look for brands that align with your audience's interests. This could include gaming peripherals for gamer groups or software tools for tech communities.

Once you've joined a program, share your unique affiliate links on your Discord server in an engaging and organic manner. Every click that leads to a sale earns you a commission, effectively turning your server into a space where you can make money 24/7.

2. Build a Strong Membership Community

By offering something unique—like exclusive channels filled with content unavailable elsewhere—you can turn your server into a sought-after hub. Platforms like Patreon and Fourthwall make managing paid memberships easy and provide a structured way for your members to financially support you.

To truly capitalize on this strategy, you need to first grow your Discord server. Grow your server by promoting it on social media, collaborating with other Discord communities, and actively engaging with your audience. The more members you have, the more opportunities there are to make money.

3. Sell Digital Art

For creatives, Discord provides a fantastic platform to sell digital art, turning artistic talent into a profitable business. Consider creating packs of custom emojis, digital stickers, and more. These digital treasures (especially when they're unique or personalized) can become highly coveted items within your community.

The key lies in understanding what resonates with your audience—whether it's game-related art, references to pop culture, or personalized creations with a personal touch. Offering unique digital art not only sets you apart in your niche but can also establish a solid revenue stream.

4. Create Podcasts

Whether you delve into in-depth discussions, share expert perspectives in technology, or even provide live personal development advice, podcasting is full of potential for generating income. If you consistently produce engaging and high-quality content, you will quickly build a dedicated audience.

And where there are listeners, there are potential sponsors looking to reach that audience. As the popularity of your podcast grows, you can benefit from paid sponsorships, user donations, or exclusive access fees—all while turning your knowledge and passion into sustainable income.

5. Offer Webinars, Courses, or Game Training

Discord is not just a discussion platform—it's also a significant learning center. Harness its educational potential by offering webinars, courses, consultations, or even personalized game training to your target audience.

Learning sessions can range from niche knowledge sharing like blockchain basics to skills-focused tutorials like Photoshop for beginners. Gamers can also benefit from offering step-by-step guides, strategy sessions, or individual coaching. You can directly charge for these specialized sessions or offer them as part of a paid membership package.

6. Sell Your Products or Services

From handmade products to digital software to consulting services, promoting your products or services on Discord can boost both sales and customer engagement. To make this work, highlight your offerings with detailed descriptions, attractive visuals, and testimonials within your server.

Clearly communicate the value of what you're selling by tailoring your messages to inspire your audience. Engage with your community through Q&A sessions, exclusive discounts, and post-sales support to build trust and encourage repeat purchases. Your Discord channel can become a robust marketplace for selling almost anything if you approach it the right way.

7. Sell Memberships

This is where you set up structured membership plans with exclusive benefits. You might have an entry-level tier with basic benefits, while higher tiers could include individual discussions or exclusive content. A paid monthly subscription model can include everything from behind-the-scenes previews to early access to videos to specialized community roles.

Think about the types of premium features that will pique the interest of your specific audience. It's about offering something they will truly want to pay for and continue paying for on an ongoing basis.

8. Become a Discord Moderator

As a moderator, you're compensated for ensuring users adhere to Discord's guidelines, thus ensuring positive interactions and high engagement. Some server owners offer direct financial compensation, while others may provide benefits such as access to exclusive content or membership features.

To become a moderator, you first need to become an active, helpful, and trustworthy member of the community. Then, you can express your interest to the server owner and demonstrate your understanding of the server rules while offering support.

9. Organize Paid Contests or Raffles

This is an excellent way to energize your Discord community and open pathways to profitability. You simply charge minimal entry fees, giving participants the chance to win rewards such as game keys, Discord Nitro subscriptions, or exclusive digital goodies.

As an additional step, this approach can be combined with other revenue-generating events, such as specialized workshops or paid-access events. Your job is to ensure that the prize offered is something they'll truly want, and that the contest is as easy to participate in as possible.

10. Collaborate with Brands

Partnerships often offer financial benefits, whether through sponsored posts, affiliate sales, or direct brand sponsorship deals. These collaborations can range from gaming companies showcasing new releases to tech brands hosting question-and-answer sessions (AMA).

For example, you could collaborate on brand events within your server, create co-sponsored content, or even offer selected spaces for brand advertisements. If you can convince established brands that you're a trusted and respected name in your niche, they'll be more than happy to pay you to work with them.

11. Organize eSports Events

eSports events aren't just fun—they can also be very lucrative. For this to work, you'll need to establish clear tournament structures, select games, and set rules that your community will be satisfied with. Charge entry fees to players to build a prize pool and sell your own merchandise.

A well-organized event can attract many participants, and partnerships are also a goldmine here. Brands are always eager to put their products in front of eSports audiences, so you can offer to promote them in exchange for direct payment or other benefits.

12. Collect Donations

When your community sees the value their donations bring, they're more likely to contribute. It's not about "begging" for money, but rather expressing genuine appreciation for their support and showing them how you use their donations meaningfully.

Start by setting up a dedicated donation channel on your server, and talk about the value of these contributions. Integrate bots to streamline tasks like accepting payments, tracking contributions, and even thanking donors. Encourage contributions by thanking supporters directly or through public mentions.

13. Organize Paid Voice Chat Events

There are so many options to explore when it comes to paid voice chat events. You can host game nights where members pay minimal entry fees to join a fun-filled voice chat experience, building an active community and making new friends (and money) along the way.

Besides gaming, why not offer your talents for pay—for example, voice-over services for creators, voice acting projects, musical performances, live comedy entertainment—these are all great ways to leverage Discord's voice channels. Either way, you can charge per session or project, creating a reliable revenue stream.

14. Make Money with Your Discord Server

Any Discord server can become a valuable revenue generator with the right approach. Think beyond basic interactions: your server can host paid events, exclusive membership sections, and advertising spaces for brand collaborations. Offer your skills as services—from graphic design to consulting—directly through your server.

You can even create a marketplace for digital or physical goods, harnessing the power of your community to drive sales. Another approach is educational content, where you charge for workshops or courses. With a dash of creativity and an understanding of your community, there's money to be made with what you do best.

15. Sell Your Discord Server

If you've nurtured and grown your server into a thriving hub, selling it outright can be a lucrative exit strategy. To maximize its value, focus on increasing user engagement, maintaining an active moderation team, and demonstrating consistent member growth and interaction.

A well-managed community, brimming with active members and structured channels, can fetch a high price. Clean up any inactive components, document your success in terms of metrics (member count, engagement rate, revenue charts), then seek potential buyers in your niche. If you need a lump sum rather than ongoing income, this is an idea worth considering.

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